Thursday, April 12, 2007

[The Random Factor #24] When talent & innovation collide

Last week an incredibly talented musician/singer named
Lucia Iman contacted me and told
me about an innovative project over at

Sell-A-Band enables fans to buy shares in their favorite
up-and-coming artists. An artist who sells 5,000 shares
gets an album made with industry pros and anybody who
purchased shares ("believers") receives a limited edition
copy of the album and a stake in the resulting profits.

It's only about 9 months old, but 3 artists have reached
their goals already and albums are being made. The
momentum is just getting started.

You can even sell back your share at the same price
if it's not going the way you hoped. Ever heard of
an investment with that option?

Lucia told me about a contest she was in to send 3
artists/bands to perform a gig in London.

Last week when we talked she was #15 in the contest,
a great start seeing as how she is brand new to the
website. Last week when I heard of it my plan was to
share her wonderful music with you and just mention
the "believers" angle because it's a great idea.

Yesterday when I checked the contest she was at #3
[update: she is now #2] The contest for the London
gig ends May 1st and she's already holding onto one
of the coveted spots. Way to go Lucia!

Last week she contacted me hoping I could help her out.
This week I realize we might be lucky to have this
opportunity. Seems to me she is going to make it
eventually anyways, and now we can benefit. gets about 40,000 visitors a day, and
Lucia is featured in their latest publication where
they talk about her surprising surge in the contest.

So enjoy the music, check out this innovative new venture,
and perhaps take this opportunity to invest in the
music business... while helping make someone's dream a reality.

Some Guy

Lucia's MySpace page:
Lucia's webpage:

p.s. I know some of you young folks don't have debit cards,
so for anyone that likes the music but can't buy
a share, please visit Carson Daly's MySpace page at and send him a message
telling him you really want to see Lucia Iman on the show.

p.p.s. If you buy a share you should really tell to get her on the show.

p.p.p.s. Pass her links on to your friends, they'll be
impressed you have the inside scoop on such talent.

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