Friday, February 15, 2008

[The Random Factor #42a] The WGA Strikes Back

Greetings brothers & sisters of Earth,

As most subscribers know, The Random Factor
was out of commission during the Writer's
Guild of America (WGA) strike.

Now, it is true, I'm not actually a member of
the WGA and clearly I'm not getting any
professional help with The Random Factor, or

And, that's what makes this so difficult.

Long ago I heard this quote

"If you want to be a knight, act like a knight."

That mind-over-matter, decide-your-own-reality
sort of attitude really resonated with me.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to
be a knight.

Instead, I write.

More thoughts on being a knight

Now, imagine my dismay when I discovered some
time ago that the WGA does not consider writing
to be the sole condition for membership.

I can't find it, but I know somebody worthwhile
once said something along the lines of,

"To be a writer one need only write."

Oh semantics, how you soothe.

Unfortunately, the WGA has a more strict
, 24 "units" and $2,500.

Sure, 2,500 people will make their way to and
this very day and they will spend 125 hours
viewing around 15,000 pages of gems like ...

"Why do we create the things we create?"

"To be fulfilled."

"Is it fulfilling us?"


"Are we still chasing it?"


Prem Rawat, Adi Magazine

That's nearly one million visitors, 42,000 hours,
and 26 million "hits" a year exploring riddles
and facts and quotes, oh my!

But, these sites clearly were not intended to
be a place for my writing. Which is why I
decided to kick it up a notch with this

However, even while the WGA fought for a piece
of online revenue, receiving millions of web
visitors and thousands of subscribers does
not count as even 1 "unit" towards memebership
apparently as it's not for movies, radio, or
television... or paid. Hey, that just makes it
more challenging!

I guess I have to accept that this medium, while
clearly the future of entertainment, is too easy.
8% of people blog, which makes for at
least 10% of the population who write online.

Tough competition... but, has The Random
Factor been worth reading?

I decided to take a poll.

I guess I thought if I wrote a great newsletter
I'd get published or something. What a dreamer
I am. It occurs to me now I could write a hundred
newsletters, some even good, and not get a lick of
credibility amongst what I understand is a reputable
affiliation of real writers with actual writing jobs.

Now that would be sweet.

And so it was when it dawned on me the first day
of the strike... I've been acting like a writer
this whole time, surely I should take the logical
next step and start acting like a real writer!

Apparently, real writers write books and
screenplays too. It's not as easy as
striking, in fact it's very difficult.

It won't make me happy, but it would seem to
be the natural progression.

I truly appreciate your support, you have
given me confidence to try my best to ramp it
up a notch.


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