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[Random Factor #37a] Why raw food?

Thanks in large part to a work-trade with, I am taking part in
seven days of teachings with the Dalai Lama.

But, that's not the only reason Rejuvenative
foods is great. And, it's a great excuse to
look a little closer at the fascinating human

Rejuvenative produces raw organic nut and seed
butters and cultured vegetable dishes which
can be found at *your* local health food store.

The benefits of organic foods should be well
known, but why raw? Why cultured?

The act of cooking nuts, seeds, and vegetables
kills off enzymes in the food. Enzymes are
proteins involved in such processes as the
breaking down of the large protein, starch,
and fat molecules in food into smaller molecules
during digestion and joining together of
nucleotides (the molecules that form the basic
modular structure of the double helix of the
DNA molecule) into strands of DNA.

Enzymes produced in living cells accelerate
or catalyze the metabolic processes of an
organism. There are thousands of different
enzymes performing many different functions
in every living metabolic action.

In other words enzymes trigger the chemical
processes by which cells produce the substances
and energy needed to sustain life.

It's no wonder that enzymes are also
known as "the life force" of food.

Rejuvenative nut and seed butters are ground
slowly, then cooled, and ground slowly again
several times over to so that the friction of
grinding does not kill off these living enzymes.

Cooking also reduces the amount of vitamins
and minerals in a food, while enzymes on the
other hand help your body break down the
nutrients and minerals in your food so that
the body can better absorb what's available.

Raw cultured "live" vegetables provide an
excellent self-rejuvenating source of
lactobacilli, (micro-organisms & a collection of
enzymes) which aid the digestive process and can
help alleviate digestive disorders. Lactobacilli
is found in mother's milk, and normally present
in a healthy human digestive tract.

"The breakdown of nutrients by one form of
Lactobacilli Lactobacillus Acidophilus
produces lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and
other byproducts that makes the environment
hostile for undesired organisms. Health benefits
include boosted immune system, reduced cholesterol,
relief from indigestion and yeast infections.
Even feeding cows Lactobacilli Acidophilus reduced
E-coli by 61%" -

Since it's alive, the human body functions and
metabolizes from enzymes and enzymatic actions.
Your body's organs, especially the pancreas,
produce enzymes for the purpose of digesting
food as well as for the purpose of supplying
your organs the enzymes that they need.

Nature designed people's enzyme-making processes
to be used for the purpose of normal metabolism:
rejuvenation of cells, elimination of toxins,
growing, and strengthening of the immune system,
with a minimum enzyme-producing requirement for
digestion. This has been scientifically proven,
and it makes sense when one considers that when
nature designed the human body there were no
refined or processed foods and there was a
minimum of cooked foods.

It is therefore important to get fresh enzymes
in the diet, especially true when organs
have been overused producing enzymes to process
overwhelming amounts of bulky refined foods.
Enzyme-full raw cultured vegetables give your
body a chance to make enzymes to rejuvenate
itself and not waste a large portion of its
enzymes digesting food.

Wow, I should've put this column together awhile
ago. I knew the stuff was good, but now I'm
feeling lucky to still be alive.

I hope you are too.


Some Guy


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