Sunday, August 26, 2007

[#37] [The Random Factor] Rejuvenative Foods & the Dalai Lama

Greetings brothers and sisters of Earth!

It's been quite a month. My favorite brother
got married on 7/7/07. I love you bro, thanks
for the sister! I guess I owe you one...

Then I spent last weekend at Energy Park a
gathering of individuals, non-profits and
commercial organizations providing expertise,
knowledge, and materials on renewable energy
at the Oregon Country Fair.

There were groups showing off everything from
electric cars and bicycles to green building
and passive solar home design that minimizes
the amount of energy required to heat and cool
homes. Energy Park promoted everything from
wind-power projects for villages in Nicaragua,
to solar (PV) panels, to tons of information
on organic agriculture.

Let me know what you'd like to hear about first,
I'll probably cover a bunch of these topics in
the months to come. Why?

Renewable Energy Is Homeland Security!

However, today I am getting ready for the trip
to see the Dalai Lama in Germany and also attempt
to personally deliver him some Ambrosia...

I want to thank the 5 (out of 2,724) who
made contributions to this trip. For you the
awesome .00183% who showed me some support I
have some good news... and some bad news.

The good news is you have a great chance of
winning a gift from my trip.

The bad news is it will most certainly not be
lavish : )

It's perfectly fine by me it's worked out
this way. I AM GOING! I felt a little like
a tool asking for contributions in the first
place, I learned of the ongoing problems in
Tibet and felt like a machine shop.

Bottom line is it's pretty ridiculous for me
to not be selling ANYTHING after so long...
so I'm working on that. I think I have a pretty
good idea, I'll tell you about it sometime.

In the meanwhile I feel good knowing that those
of you kind enough to support me are probably

Those of you who were in it for the prize,

By the way, if you want to help the Tibetans,
remember passing on information is hugely valuable
folks! Help me out at the same time by passing on
the last issue of the Random Factor now online

The biggest thanks goes to Rejuvenative foods
which, thanks to a work-trade, helped me to
manifest this incredible experience.

It's a great excuse to look a little closer at
raw food and the fascinating human machine

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