Monday, March 12, 2007

[The Random Factor #8] The best possible use of your next minute

Riddles & Facts & Quotes, Oh My!

Cells need oxygen to live. Through the lungs it is
absorbed via alveoli where it makes it's way to the
bloodstream to be delivered by red blood cells to all
the cells of the body.

Not only do red blood cells deliver purifying oxygen,
these go-getters also retrieve the cell's waste product,
carbon dioxide, and haul it back to the
alveoli to be carried away with the next breath.

So then it seems fair to say that the quality of our
breath is related to to the health of our bodies. Add
to that this fact. A deep breath relaxes the body and
reduces stress, cited as a leading contributor to an
ever-increasing number of conditions including heart
disease and diabetes.

Your breath is also the one function your body can
perform either automatically or at your will. Coincidence,
or is it just that important?

3 deep breaths anyone? Conscious breathing might
just keep the doctor away.

Many blessings,

Some Guy

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thought is a precious gift and invaluable
therefore the stimuli in which it's rooted.

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