Monday, March 12, 2007

[The Random Factor #16] Spreading the Love

For years has collected perspectives
with the notion that surely every person has unique
insight into this life.

That is not just super cheesy, it is also the inevitable
consequence of combining individual predispositions with
unique life experiences.

As of recently 279 viewpoints and nearly 3000 spam had
been submitted to my site through this form. ARG. Spam
has all but crippled the "Random Viewpoint" feature, A truly
sad state of affairs.

Who would've thought when I was a kid that spam-bots
would be my greatest foe?

That is, until now.

Well, turns out these spam-bots (spam-bots are software
applications that submit spam to forms on websites) have
a fatal flaw, and if you share your insight at
you will see what stops spam-bots in their tracks..

So, thanks to this new insight, and several hours of
deleting spam, the "Random Viewpoint" feature is back

And, just in time for me to share the following quote
for valentines day (week) submitted by Lucas Marquez,
age 16.

"God is Love, Love is real, therefore God is real."

one love,

some guy

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thought is a precious gift and invaluable
therefore the stimuli in which it's rooted.

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