Monday, March 12, 2007

[The Random Factor #13] Filth for healthy living

Riddles & Facts & Quotes, Oh My!

A fact that's bothered my since I was young is
that a sponge in the kitchen sink will collect
far more bacteria & pathogens then a toilet seat.
This, thanks to one of the guiding principles of
life... critters love moisture.

Your lord knows I am no clean freak, but the idea
of washing dishes or methodically wiping the counters
with a bacteria magnet has always been disturbing to me.
In fact, if it were not for the following fact, I would
have a phobia.

A child that attends day care will have a far stronger
immune system then a child who does not. The child who
goes to school is exposed to colds and illnesses which
has the effect of exercising and strengthening the immune

Now I'm not a Filth for Better Living advocate, but it
is a fact that has allowed me to cope. That, and extra soap.

This week a report came out saying 99% of pathogens are
killed by microwaving your sponges. I wish I knew more
about the 1% of mutant pathogens, they may or may not be
extremely good for you. So long as you're careful...

"Firefighters have warned of the dangers of zapping
sponges and cloths in the microwave despite a study
showing it could kill harmful bacteria. Microwaving
kitchen sponges for just two minutes can kill 99% of
living pathogens, a US study in the journal of
Environmental Health claims. But Shropshire fire service
warned that one fire had already occurred when someone
in Telford tried the technique.

The researchers said people should only try to
microwave damp sponges."

Be safe, and occasionally filthy,

Some Guy

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