Sunday, March 11, 2007

Some guy goes to blogosphere and finds... himself? Unreferenced?

Since 1998 the random fact dispenser and the random thought dispenser at, and more recently, have been in the top 5 on Google for "random facts" and thousands of other keyword phrases related to riddles and facts and quotes, (oh my!)

5-7 million visitors have found their way to in the past decade and of course they are all welcome.

After finding a couple of blogs directly copying content from my websites I did a search through the blogosphere for facts that wrote that had unique verbiage, errors, or other identifying signatures. I got hits for almost every one, and almost nobody is providing a reference to

Ahh, where's the love?

I have been collecting thought stimulating ideas since I can remember in my search for "the truth." It is intended to stimulate thoughts, and it does, there's no doubt about it... so write
about it. You should.

And show some guy some love.

People subscribed to my newsletter "The Random Factor" know that love manifests love and I do try to remember that. So, instead of outing these perpetrators on their own blogs I am starting my own blog just to let ya'll bloggers know that I know what's going on around here and to let all you readers know you will no doubt enjoy

I'm not going to republish my thought collection here because randomization is the best way to dispense factoids. This *randomization* is critical and a big reason why so many people, including bloggers, love Claude Shannon, a pioneering information scientist, stated that the more unexpected an event, the higher the information content it contains.

Plus, with randomization there is far more substance and less blah blah blah... know what i mean?

So, this "blog" will only be used to publish The Random Factor newsletter, a once a week thought stimulator.... and to let all you blog readers in on this dirty little secret of the blogosphere.

All you bloggers that have enjoyed using as a treasure trove of content all these years, isn't it time to show some guy some love? Do it because you love the content, or do it because I might just come introduce myself to your readers if you don't : )

one love,

Some Guy

"Because thought is a precious gift, and invaluable therefore the stimuli in which it's rooted." - some guy

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