Monday, March 12, 2007

[The Random Factor #18] Oh Synchronicity

Riddles & Facts & Quotes, Oh My!

Two weeks ago, after sharing the quote, "God is love...
love is real... therefore God is real" I *stumbled*
upon a scientific experiment the Dalai Lama helped
facilitate ...

"Eight Buddhist adepts and 10 volunteers who had had
a crash course in meditation engaged in the form of
meditation called nonreferential compassion. In this
state, the meditator focuses on unlimited compassion
and loving kindness toward all living beings.

As the volunteers began meditating, one kind of brain
wave grew exceptionally strong: gamma waves. These,
scientists believe, are a signature of neuronal activity
that knits together far-flung circuits -- consciousness,
in a sense. Gamma waves appear when the brain brings
together different features of an object, such as look,
feel, sound and other attributes that lead the brain to
its aha moment of, yup, that's an armadillo."

The article goes much more in depth, but essentially
indicates that thoughts of loving kindness improve the
very mechanism for understanding. It almost sounds like
they are exercising intuition!

Anyways, last Friday morning I talked to a wonderful
friend in Holland who had previously, of his own volition,
reserved a ticket for me to attend a week of events with
the Dalai Lama in Germany. I told him last Friday I probably
wouldn't be able to make it because of 3 individually
significant problems. I have a lot of work to do, several
events already planned for the summer, and as of now, no
extra funds to visit Germany of all places, one of the more
expensive countries in Europe.

I did share with him that I had reconnected with a former
personal assistant to the Dalai Lama and that she said she
would make a call and try to make his experience there a
bit more memorable.

So, later that day, not an hour after sending out The
Random Factor with the words "talking about synchronicity
increases synchronicity" I ran into this assistant at the
neighborhood store. Of course, I have never her seen her
there or anywhere else *randomly* before.

Is this coincidence? Or will I be in Germany this summer?

Well, following the natural progression. This is clearly
an opportunity to experiment in manifestation. And a
test of the phenomenon known as synchronicity.

Can *it* really help me get to Europe?

I for one am excited to find out,

Some Guy

p.s. Read this story of synchronicity: Saving Valentino

p.p.s. Which one of you is flying your private plane
from Portland Oregon to Germany in July? Just kidding,
sort of.

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