Monday, March 12, 2007

[The Random Factor #9] Ho ho ho, ha ha ha

Riddles & Facts & Quotes (& Jokes), Oh My!

I'd love to get you all something nice for the
holidays but supposedly there's 2,820 of you
and i'm strapped!

Somebody said, "Laughter is the closest distance
between two people"

So, hopefully you'll enjoy this joke straight from
my heart to yours (by way of my fingers).

A blind man with a seeing-eye dog walks into a
grocery store. He walks into the middle of the store,
picks up the dog by the tail and starts swinging the
dog in circles above his head.

Alarmed, the store manager rushes over to the man
and politely asks, "Excuse me, is there anything I
can help you with?"

The blind man replies, "No thanks, just looking around."

All the best in 2007,

Some Guy

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This text published originally in the newsletter
The Random Factor at because
thought is a precious gift and invaluable
therefore the stimuli in which it's rooted.

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